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Harpsichord Project E-book
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The Harpsichord Project E-Book

Over thirty years have past since I built my first harpsichord. Time has not dulled the memory of the frustration I felt when I searched, in vain, for some guidance and instruction. I was fortunate - I met and befriended a master harpsichord builder who became my mentor. Perhaps you are facing the same frustrations I did so long ago. If so, I think you'll find The Harpsichord Project e-book the answer to your dilemma.. In its over 950 pages you'll find step by step instruction in the art of harpsichord building. Let me be your mentor - with you every step of the way as you build a beautiful Flemish single manual harpsichord. In fact, it's the same "Ruckers" instrument featured on the audio page of this site and pictured on the left.

I've created a new website devoted entirely to The Harpsichord Project e-book. If the possibility of building your own harpsichord appeals to you, then please click the link below and visit this website. You'll be able to download a Demo version which consists of the first six chapters of the e-book, complete and unabridged. These six chapters take you through the entire process of keyboard building and will give you a good idea of the thoroughness and attention to detail you'll find throughout its thirty seven chapters.

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